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Cavaliers by Crumley
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Our Foster Program allows our breeding dogs to be placed in their (potential) forever homes as puppies. They live with that family with most all expenses paid while they are active in our breeding program. Upon retirement, they are then spayed or neutered and become their foster family's dog, free of charge...forever! 

Females retire no later than 5 years old and males around 6 or 7.

 My dogs' health, happiness and well being are always number one to me.  

Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to fill out an application.  However, this is a very selective program.  I only allow highly qualified people to foster my dogs.  After filling out and emailing the application, I will set up an interview with you.  Then, I will conduct a home visit.  As said, I am very strict and selective. Foster families must be highly qualified and cannot live more than 1.5 hours from Lula, GA.

This program allows my girls to live in a loving home and also experience the joys of motherhood. 
It is a win, win for everyone!!

There are an over abundance of pros to being a foster person/family, but there are also a few cons as well....  


Ultimately, the dog is free of charge.
I pay for the food and the vet services with the exception of the following: a $30.00 copay for Annual Visits and a $30.00 copay for First Time Foster Meet & Greets.  Foster Parents are RESPONSIBLE for copays.
Vet Services EXCLUDES the following: flea & tick prevention and heartworm preventatives. 

A portion of the grooming is paid for (a $38 to $55 value). Fosters only pay $15 for any service, we pay the rest.

When the dog reaches retirement age they will be spayed or neutered, updated vaccines, HW test and final dental. Then they become your pet!

The person/family receives the priceless love and companionship of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

If at anytime the fostering program is not for you, I will take the dog back.  Even after retirement.

If for some reason the dog you choose to foster is not for you.  I will take him/her back.


The dog is ultimately mine!

The dog will come back to me every time she is in heat. She has to be brought to me IMMEDIATELY after coming into heat. I will then breed her over the next couple of weeks and then she will go back home to you.

The dog will come back to me 10 days prior to whelping and during lactation.  This lasts approximately 8-10 weeks.  She will then go back home with you until her next heat. And unfortunately, we do not allow families to visit during this time. But we do keep you updated with texts, emails and photos.

You must use our vet of choice, Lance Animal Hospital, for all of your Foster's veterinary needs. This includes purchasing flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. This can sometimes be difficult for out of town fosters. 

When the dog goes back home post lactation she will look different.  She will have lost all of her baby weight and then some.  In addition,  she will blow her coat, meaning she will have a lot less hair.

Jennifer and Megan Morris
with Blakely and Bently, and 
of course Precious Bailey
Robert and Karen Schuetze with Presley
Milt and Gail Smith with Maddie Bea and Gracie
Ken and Jan Tuttle with Bonna
The Garrison Family with
Kenna Claire

Richard and Rita Petty with Dobbie
The Lawson's with Baxley and the rest of the gang!
We are always accepting applications for our foster program!

Contact us with any questions: 678-936-8081