Cavaliers by Crumley proudly uses and recommends Gentle Dental for Pets. 


Professional Teeth Cleaning without Anesthesia for Dogs & Cats
Our Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning, performed by a certified professional under the supervision of a veterinarian, is an essential part of a "whole health" dental program for your pet. Using gentle behavioral management techniques along with holistic calming products, your dog or cat's teeth are scaled and polished on all surfaces to remove tartar, even below the gum line, while the pet is completely awake. In young, healthy pets it is used as a preventative procedure to combat serious periodontal disease, and in some cases is a much needed option for pets who cannot tolerate or are not healthy enough to undergo a procedure under general anesthesia. Call or email us today for more info: or (678) 997-8679

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Gentle Dental for Pets currently serves Atlanta, GA and the surround areas, Savannah,GA as well as the Dallas/Fort Worth area and surounding suburbs. Please call us, email, or visit our website for a clinic location or participating Veterinarian nearest you.