I ask that you please read the following information before you email or call me.  Please allow me to educate you on the price of 
a Cavalier. 

Whether you buy one of my puppies or someone else's, ask yourself these questions obtained from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club...

The link below was pulled directly from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, as well as their answers in black. I have also answered the questions myself, in green. 

CKCSC Questions To Ask Your Breeder

Now .... Does having all the good health certifications guarantee a perfectly healthy puppy that will live out his or her whole life problem free??? 

NO... they just make the odds greater!!!

My Dad always said... 
"Inspect what you expect."
The highest standard of good health is CHIC. If a dog has a CHIC #, that is fantastic!

Always ask for AKC #s so you can look up health credentials yourself.  Go to www.offa.org,
put the AKC # in the search 
box, click on the dog's name and it should show you all
the certifications the dog has including the dog's parents, grandparents, great grandparents, siblings, and offspring. Or ask the breeder to create this for you. 
Next.... Remember a good breeder will be there for you for the lifetime of your puppy. 

So ask yourself...

Do you like the breeder?

Is the breeder willing to help you with house training,  finding good food and suggestions on a vet? 

Does this feel right?? 

If you don't have a good feeling about the Breeder move on..... You are smart and your instincts are good!!
Here are some RED FLAGS 
that you should be aware of when talking to breeders.

1.  They will not let you see their facility.
2.  They want to meet you somewhere other than where their dogs are housed.
3. The dogs are not AKC registered.
4.  They ask for cash. 
5.  They do not have a written guarantee.
6.They tell you they have never
had health issues so they dont 
check for them.
7. They don't send their examination papers in to OFA.
It cost $7.50. If they are cutting corners there, where else are they cutting corners?

All of these things are very important and should not be compromised!!!
Price is once... Cost could  go on

First and foremost, I breed for good health and longevity, then size and temperament. 

I like Cavaliers that are on the small side, 

I am an evaluator for AKC and TDI (Therapy Dog International) so it is important that my adults have good manners. 

Each one is unique and has his or her own personality, but they all have good manners. 

All of my males and females live in foster homes. They are already someone's pet. My kennel is a very nice facility but living here full time would be like living in a very nice orphanage. These are companion pets, they need human companionship.

My goal is to have all my breeding males
become International Champions 
and CHIC certified
Most of my males are already.
CHIC is the highest
echalan of good
health a dog 
can attain.

We specialize in smaller Cavaliers!
Cavaliers by Crumley
Holly Crumley
A state of the art 
boarding kennel and 
puppy nursery like no other!!!

I understand that price is always a consideration when purchasing a new puppy.  Let me just start off by saying...
Cheap is always great, if you can afford it!!

What you save today can cost you dearly tomorrow. 
 I consider myself to be a fair and reputable breeder.  As stated earlier.  I breed for good health first and then good looks.   We off three different training opinions.  Trained puppies go home at 11 weeks old. The price is $2,500. A $250 deposit is required to reserve trained puppies and is REFUNDABLE. Advanced puppies go home at 14 weeks old. The price is $3,oo0. A $500 deposit is required to reserve advanced puppies and is NONREFUNDABLE. Level Up puppies go home at 20 weeks! The deposit is $500 and is NONREFUNDABLE. . There will be a discount for returning clients and for multiple pet purchases. I am in this business for long term, not just for today.  What I charge for my dogs enables me to take care of them properly.  All of my dogs are AKC registered, microchipped, have had all vet recommended innoculations for their age at the time of sale, dew claws removed, vet checked and come with a one year written good health guarantee.  I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your upcoming Cavalier purchase.  Call or e-mail me today!! 
678- 617-7450

The sweetness of a low price , fades long before the bitterness of poor quailty
All puppies purchased from Cavaliers by Crumley stay at this Pet Resort for $10 per day till they are 1 year old.
What I care about is the health and well being of all my breeding males and females.
If you purchase from a breeder who does not take proper care of his or her animals, you are possably supporting some level of animal cruelty......
Effective March 1, 2017