We specialize in smaller Cavaliers!
I remember one time in college my professor said: "You will experience unconditional love 3 times in your life, if you are lucky.... from your parents, from your children and from your dog!" He was so right!!
Holly Crumley

Our concentration is on good health. Below, you will find pictures of 
my breeding males along with link to OFA, where you will see their
 good health certifications. Most of my males are International Champions 
and our goal is to have 100% of them CHIC certified 
(highest standard for good health) at age 2. 
International Champion and CHIC certified Mockingbird's 
Boo Radley
International Champion and CHIC certified
Best of Georgia
International Champion 
Fantom Val's Charming Black Jack 
International Champion and CHIC certified
Hurricane Lightening Luigi
International Champion Hurricane Phoenix of Sander's Way
The dogs listed below we do not own, but have 
used in our breeding program. The pictures and
links are for reference only.