This is my favorite page.... 
 All the letters and emails that I have gotten 
about puppies I have sold. 

Please take the time to read!!!! 
 I wanted you to know that Keara is the most loving, adorable pet angel that anyone could hope for.  We visited the vet today for another round of shots.  She currently weighs 7 pounds.  She has gained one pound per week! I think Neill has been giving more treats than he reveals. Actually, the vet said her weight is fine.
Keara has added so much love to our home.  She now bounces all over the house and is comfortable in expressing her needs with energetic enthusiasm.  I had her professionally photographed about ten days ago and I will send you pictures over the weekend.
 We take Keara everywhere we go.  Neill has taught her that going through a drive thru means treat time.  She was confused when I went to the pharmacy drive thru & the pharmacist did not offer her a treat.  She quietly whined.
 It is hard to imagine that Keara was the smallest of her siblings. Her personality is loving and she is quite active.  After about an
hour and a half of bouncing activity, she settles for a good nap. Keara sleeps well at night and is the perfect, loving companion.
  We graciously thank you for this delightful opportunity.
  Hope all is well in your world. 
  Kind Regards, 
  Pat Holloway  Georgia - puppy from Trudy                                                                                                             and Rhett born October 2006. 


Hi Holly,


As usual, Tara Anne had a ball at the beach last week. She stopped the beach goers in their tracks watching her go full out chasing birds and anything else that moved. Splashing in and out of the water oblivious to the rest of the world. Just full of energy and completely in the zone as these pictures indicate. 

TA is 20 months old now and I am still amazed at this “love sponge”.  I am so blessed to have found you and such a healthy, happy & well adjusted best bud. 

Oh, I almost forgot…I wanted to tell you that she is visiting the nursing home here every week now.  Lots of happy faces when she jumps up to sit beside the folks and does her tricks for them. I love to share her because she never runs out of hugs and kisses.

Thanks again for your love of and dedication to raising these wonderful Cavalier companions.

Arlene Ingram
Prudential Georgia Realty/President's Circle
ABR, Assoc Broker, Fine Homes/Resort Specialist
770-630-8545 cell
678-679-1949 e-fax

Hi Holly,
This isn't the best picture, but I wanted you to see how GORGEOUS my baby Scarlett is...!!!!!!!  I will try to get a better one soon to send to you.  She is the softest, sweetest, best baby girl in the whole wide world!

Heather Irby Kiser
Senior Account Executive
firstPRO, Inc.
404/303-4989 office
678/613-5686 cell


Hey Holly,
I shot these of Dolly a month or two ago when I was in Miami and
thought you would like to see how she's grown. She is a GREAT dog.
She is really smart, sweet, and loving. She has been to Atlanta
several times since Mrs. Mena took her back to Miami (she is quite
the frequent flier--in cabin in First class ;-). She loves playing
with Ginger (the 100lb Yellow Lab, who she adores)  and Chiqui, our
part-cavalier rescue. She is fearless, but never mean, and out-plays
the bigger dogs.
Everyone is just  in love with her. We are all so thankful we found
Cavaliers by Crumley, and therefore Dolly.
The yellow bows are because she had just gotten back from the
groomer. They are usually gone within 5 min ;-)
Hope you are doing well,
Susan Campbell
Dolly then....
Dolly now.....04/2007
Hi Holly,
It's Wendy :-).  It's been awhile and I wanted to send you some
pictures of Miley.  She is the most awesome dog!! We just love her so much.
We've had a trainer come into our house a couple times now and he is pretty
impressed with Miley and her age.  She is a quick learner!!!  She healthy and
beautiful and we spoil her big time!!!!!!! She eats better than us and oh
boy, the treats she gets...she the "Pampered Pooch"!! She is so obedient that
it makes it so much fun to love her and treat her to goodies.  She is
sitting on my lap while I write to you.  She is very much a lap lover.  If
you recall me mentioning this, our 8 year old daughter, wanted a dog that would really
love her back and spend time just snuggling together.  We'll, you have made it
possible for that little dream of hers by providing us with Miley.  She's
also met lot of other doggy friends and has been on many outing with us, like
the lake.  She enjoys the water and I bet by next summer she'll be jumping
in the lake!  I have attached some pictures for you to see.  The girls
started back school this week (1st  &  3rd grade).  They have
asked that I bring Miley when I pick them up in car line.  Oh man, the smiles, ohhhh's
and love she has receives in that car line is touching.  She just sits there very calmly
and all perked up waiting for them.  As the girls approach the car their
faces light up like fireworks.  Even the teachers giggle over her.  I can't
help but grin over the happiness she brings everyone.  By the way, I have a
dear friend that may contact you at some point to enquire
about a puppy down the road.  A cavalier would  be the best little dog
for this family too.  The children are very gentle and so sweet.
Well, we'll run for now.  I hope you and your family are doing good.  By the
way, how is that beautiful, very petite little tri that you decided to keep.
I can't stop thinking about how precious she is.
Take Care,
Tara Anne loves did I say 
loves the water!!!!!!
Update from Pat and Keara November 2007

Dearest Holly:  On this Thanksgiving, I am so grateful that I have darling Keara.  She is so entertaining. Every day is filled with new joy and her plentiful love projects to everyone she encounters.  As you know, Keara is 11 months old.  She prances with grace and elegance and brings the gift of enthusiastic affection to every encounter.  
You are a model professional, fabulous breeder and you practice your mission statement.  I believe it to the best karma that could have presented.  I will be forever grateful that we found each other and I have darling Keara.  She sleeps with me on the king size bed EVERY NIGHT!!  Every day has more meaning and relevance!  Hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

Love you,
Pat and Keara
November 11, 2007
Dear Holly:
Robert Redford seems to be settling in at the new house very well.  He is getting used to the routine and everyone who sees him falls in love with him. I think that he already has a fan club.
I have to tell you that I think I was blessed when I met you, because I don't think many breeders would ALWAYS go that extra mile for people the way that you do.  I am so grateful for all the help you gave me when Robert was small and your patience for the times that I call with all the dumb questions.  
I have found a vet that I like.  He used to own a cavalier and he also fell in love with Robert.  We'll try to visit after the new year when we come back.  Love Jan & Robert Redford ~ Robert is out of Daisy & Rhett
Jan and and Robert in June 2007  the day she picked him up.
Hi Holly
WOW congrats on your very large litter with Bessie.  I am glad everything worked out and everyone is doing well.
Cooper is doing great.  I had to send you some new pictures and tell you what a blessing he has been to us.  He is the best with the kids and they love him especially my son who is 5.  He was so afraid of dogs since birth.  Not sure why since we have always had a dog and he has always been around them, but since bringing Cooper home he has done a complete turn around and loves to sit with Cooper and lay down with him.  He is no longer afraid of other dogs and no longer cries when he sees other dogs and I believe it is all because of Cooper.  He tells everyone that Cooper is his best friend.  And they do have a special connection.  It is like Cooper knew and wanted to help him.  It is so special.  Even my husband who said that we will not have anything to do with this little dog because he likes his Dane, has fallen completely head over heels in love with Cooper.  Cooper has now become "his boy".  So I think I have lost MY dog to my husband and son.  It is so great to watch though.  So thank you!!!   Cooper has been the best thing in the world to happen to us!  Talk to you soon!!
I'd be proud to have that photo on your website.  You can't imagine the photo ops I've missed, like finding them curled up together in the same crate; licking each others' faces; and curled up with my dad in his bed.  I was just writing to my friends about my second "angel-dog" that has come into my life.  Not only do I feel blessed by her sweet companionship for myself and Reuben, but she and Reuben offer my dad comfort and joy as he passes through this final and vulnerable period of his life.  He adores them too. 
PS- Attached is a precious shot of Ruby Star 

Ruby Star is one of my Retirees . 
The latest picture of Miss Tara Ann

Wanted to send you the picture from this AM. Tara Anne is 16 months. She goes everywhere with me that’s possible. I bought us a kayak and we went down the river together. I will have to get you a picture of us doing that.

She is such a doll. She now has another best friend now. Abby is a Ruby that’s 14 lbs. They never miss a beat when they see each other, which is a often as possible as we are a distance away. She stays with her (and her “servants”) when I go on trips where she can’t go. They are so compatible and have such a great time together that I hate to separate them when I go to get her. In Oct. I will keep Abby for 2 weeks while the “servants” go away so they will enjoy each other then.
Arlene Ingram

 August 20 2008 16 months old

Martha meets Gracie for the first time 2/25/08

Hi, Holly,


Gracie had a big day yesterday.  In the morning, I took her with me to shop at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market at the Cathedral of St. Philip. Now I know what it must feel like to travel with a rock star.  She was so cute, she pretty much caused a riot.  I could hardly shop for little girls tugging at my sleeve to ask, “please ma’am, may I pet your puppy?”, for grown ups wanting to play with her, for her running up confidently to other dogs, etc.   You  may get a customer out of this.  One lady who was charmed by Gracie said that she had two cocker spaniels, but one recently died.  She is thinking about getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and wanted to know where did I get Gracie.  So of course I sang your praises and she wrote down your website information.  I hope she contacts you! 

Then last night I hosted my Book Club at my house and my friends got to meet Gracie.  It wasn’t just the wives who wanted to hold her, it was the husbands too.  She enchanted everyone.  One of my friends called me this morning to say she was checking in to see that I still had Gracie, to make sure no one had stolen her. 

I am such a fan of what a good breeder you are and how much fun your bed & biscuit is for the puppies!  Gracie is an intelligent, sweet, friendly, cuddly dog.  I attribute that to good parents and getting off to a good start by you, as she is so healthy and has such a good disposition.  One of the things I love most about her is how intuitive she is about picking up on what people need.  When my elderly mother visits, Gracie sits calmly in her lap and gazes up adoringly at Mom.  My sister is playful and rambunctious, so when she holds Gracie, they have a big time cutting up.  I am grateful that you have the bed & biscuit, because Gracie has really benefitted from her stays there, where she has a big time playing with puppies her own size and nature.   I can have a good time on vacation when I know that Gracie is having one too.  Many thanks to you, Holly, for sending such a bundle of Grace to my life. 



C 404.242.9265
August 30.2008
Gracie ... Dont you love that wink!!!!! Summer 2008

Hello Holly-
Both Erik and I want to thank you for yet another awesome experience at your
B and B, and for these 3 wonderful dogs that we treasure so much!!
Teagan, Torie, and Kayla bring us so much joy!!  We feel so lucky both to
have met you as a person, but also to know that we were able to adopt such
beautiful, sweet, affectionate, loyal, and loving dogs from you.
We are very appreciative of the care of you give our dogs at the B and B,
and also, looking back to when we purchased the dogs as puppies... the
education you gave us on crate training, nutrition, and "potty training" was
wonderful.  Also, you were always available to answer our many questions
early on (and ongoing), and that gave me a lot of peace of mind!
We know you care a lot about our dogs and that means so much to us!!  Of
course feel free to have any one who might be considering adopting a
Cavalier from you, or boarding their dog(s) at your B and B to contact me or
Erik.  We are happy to share our experience with them!!
P.S.  An additional thank you to the awesome "Pet Nannies" who give our
"kids" such T.L.C.. when they stay with you.
  We certainly appreciate every one of them too.....Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you!!!
Photos attached.
Laura and Erik Angley
Suwanee, GA

Hey Holly,
Just wanted to say hi and thanks again for everything!! Leonardo (Reggie) is doing great!!! I wanted to send you pictures because he is just the cutest thing in the world. He is at 8lbs now at 4 and a half months. He gets more and more attached to me and Anthony every day. We love him so so much! My parents got to meet him this month and they fell head over heels with him. Let me know what you think of the pictures!!
Thanks again for our Leo,
Ana & Anthony
Yes of course it's ok for you to post my email & number (, 914-490-8573) on your website and Leonardo's pictures.
This little guy will always hold a special place in my heart because I raised him on a bottle from day 1 of his life. He has always been very bonded with humans and I felt very good when he went to live with Ana and Anthony. I knew he was going to a very good home!!!!!!
Hello Holly,
Sorry it has taking me so long to email you but we have been so busy!  Abby is beautiful and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She is absolutely the joy of our lives.  Everyone in our family loves her and everyone wants to watch her when we need someone to.  She loves to sit with us on the sofa and snuggle :-)  Outside playtime is a lot of fun.  She runs all over and is friendly with all of our neighbors.  I take her everywhere, I have had so many  people stop me and ask what breed she is and where I got her.  I have told everyone about Cavaliers by Crumley.  I did not realize how happy she would make us.  Thank you sooo much for your kindness and help.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, she is getting bigger every day.  At our last appointment she weighed 4.4 pounds.  I think she has gained some more lately, we have been spoiling her with treats.  She loves to eat and loves her CET chews and training treats.  Potty training is doing well.. I love the x-pen it works very well.
Thanks again and hope to see you soon.  I want to start getting her groomed soon so I will give you a call  and see if we can come on the day your groomer is there.
Thanks again
Brandon, Jessica, and Abby McIntyre  :-)

Hi Holly.  I just wanted to send you a few pics.  Jake ended up naming her Lucky.  But we will probably end up calling her Lucks!  She is a joy to have around the house.  She fits in with our family just perfect.  She is having a great time playing with Jake, Dan and I.  Her and Jake are just starting to play chase!  She only lasted 30 minutes on her first day at the beach, it was short lived but she had a great time.  All of the Panamanians are saying she is "muy linda" which is very pretty or very cute!  Thank you so much for helping me get her here.  We love her very much, she is a great dog : 0 )

This little girl was exported to The Panama Canal
He did incredibly well on the drive home and slept most of the way in his crate.  We stopped twice for him to do his business and he did!!
He has met lots of kids on our cul de sac and even lots of dogs.  He did great with all of them.  We even gave him a bath already and he was 
amazingly still and didn't seem to mind.  We have been so impressed with him.  He ate all his dinner .
He is the cutest dog ever and I am glad that all our research led us to you.  Thank you so much for all you have done to give us such a 
great pet. 
Thank you again for all the good information.  I am going to order the flint river treats and will get back to you on the raw meats.  
He sure enjoyed it tonight!

I am sure you will be hearing from me since all this is so new to me.  
We so enjoyed meeting you and seeing your beautiful facility.  I just wished you lived a little closer!
You are such an expert and we respect all the wonderful information you have given us!!!

Thanks again!
I would love to give you an update on our precious Priscilla Belle.  She is the joy of our lives.  Everyone is her best friend - even the cats!  Her assigned seat is always in Mama's lap - I feel so blessed.  Priscilla Belle also gives the BEST HUGS EVER!  She offers her hugs to Daddy most often.  My husband will say, "Can I have a hug?" and she jumps into his lap puts her little arms around his neck and presses her cheek against his cheek.  Melts our hearts!  As soon as I can snap a good picture of the "hug" I will send it to you.  Priscilla keeps us smiling and laughing.  Our world revolves around her, of course, and she knows it.  She is our star and loves to perform.  Priscilla loves her chew chews.  She knows she must eat her dinner before she gets one.  She is very proud of herself when it's "chew chew time" and we all do a happy dance.  Priscilla loves to sit with us on the front porch when it's warm and watch the neighborhood hustle and bustle.   She also loves to travel.  We take her on very long car trips and she is the perfect passenger! 
We would like to thank you for bringing this angel into our lives.  Her unconditional love, sweet spirit and gentleness is something I hope everyone has the privilege to experience in life.  Priscilla Belle is our blessing from above. 
I hope you are able to open these pictures.  If you have any issues, please let me know. I've attached several so you can pick out your favorites!!
Lots of love from Tennessee,
Jeff, Brenna, Forrester, Anna, Savannah Moon (cat), Katy Scarlet (cat), Eowyn Sky (cat) and the sweetheart Priscilla Belle
Brenna Payne
Senior On-Site Staffing Specialist
Your Pathway to Performance
I don't think I have ever sent you a picture of Sammy since I bought him almost 2 years ago.  He was 2 in October and I must say he is absolutely CRAZY.  He sleeps under the bedcovers with us and stays there all night long (even in the summer).  He is a clown all the time and is rarely serious about anything.  He has never met a stranger, loves to ride in the car and loves the beach.  Sammy loves our daughter (Makenna) who is now 4, they are best friends.  He also loves our 2 cats.  They are now 14 years old and he is doing his best to keep them young.
Anyway, I just wanted to send you a little note and picture about Mr. Sammy.
Daphne Martin
Daphne Martin 
Woodbury Stampings, Inc. 
(706) 553-2700 
(706) 553-2233 (Fax) 

I have been meaning to send you a letter for some time, but just haven't got around to it.  I really wanted to write about our experience, and how Cooper found our family. 

     It all started with that magical visit from Santa on Christmas Eve to Holly's Bed and Biscuit.  He knew Maddie and Avery had wanted a puppy for several years and it just hadn't been the right time.  With Maddie 9 and Avery 5 he finally felt they were ready for a puppy of their he made a visit and picked out the perfect little tri colored boy for them.  Their was one problem, Mrs. Holly told Santa that little Cooper wasn't ready to leave his mommy yet.  So Mrs. Holly had the best idea!  She made a video with Cooper and explained the whole thing, how Santa came and everything.  So on Christmas morning when the girls awoke to find a puppy bed, leash, collar, toys, and a Cavalier King Charles book, they really didn't know what was going on....then they found a note Santa had left telling them to go to the computer and look at Mrs. Holly's website...and there on the home page was the words, "If your name is Maddie or Avery click here"!  They were just shocked to see their name on the internet...when they clicked...(and I will never for their faces)...priceless...they saw Mrs. Holly talking just to them, while holding a precious little puppy!  I bet we watched that a hundred times before the day was over.  That evening, Christmas, I might add, Mrs. Holly called the girls to see what they thought of this amazing gift. She invited them to come visit her while we waited on him to get ready to come home, and took some pictures and sent them that night!  Maddie and Holly emailed throughout the next four weeks, and then on January 17, 2009, we picked up little Cooper!  So that's the story of how Cooper came to live with the Krilla Family.

    Of coarse, with out Holly this magical story would have never happened.  She handled the girls with such love and kindness.  She took time to answer all our questions before he came home and continues to help us with anything we need, even little silly things, she never minds.  She has built an amazing facility and business, but that has nothing to do with why we love her so much.  You can tell she truly loves her puppies...and the families that give them their forever homes.  The way she handled the girls through the whole experience really touched me.  She made this Christmas one the girls will never forget!  It meant so much to me as a mother, that Holly worked so hard to make it all come together flawlessly!  She is in this business because she loves what she does, and that is obvious in everyway.  

We are so thankful for all you have done.  You gave us so much more than we expected from a breeder and we are so glad to now call you our friend. 
With love,

The Krilla's
Brad, Karie, Maddie, Avery, Belle, and little Cooper  

Dear Holly,

We would like to thank you for Sidney, the newest addition to our family.  As you are aware, we have had Bailey and Oliver, two Cavaliers, for several years. They have been the perfect family members.  Both are so friendly, intelligent, and love everyone they meet.  They love affection, but are also very playful, and keep us young.  Their intelligence amazes us. They even watch television, and bark at dogs, horses, and other animals (even cartoon animals).

This past summer, we began thinking we needed to add a new member to our family, and we began searching local kennels. We had thought we might like a smaller dog, like a Toy Spaniel, but after finding your website, and realizing you specialized in smaller Cavaliers, we realized it had to be another Cavalier.

We visited your wonderful dog friendly kennel a few months ago and we were so impressed at the kennel, the care the dogs are given, and we got to meet several of your male and female Cavaliers, who were there at the time.

We began watching your wonderful website, and the progress of the litters of puppies, and recently, as you know, we spotted Sidney (Prissy) and rushed up to see her that day. 

We are so grateful we did!  She is PERFECT. So full of fun and even potty trained at 8 weeks! 

We will keep sending pictures and short videos so you can see Sidney’s progress.

We would love to recommend you to anyone who is interested in either leaving their pets at your wonderful facility (the best we have ever seen!) or in finding them a special loving friendly Cavalier. They are the perfect pets, and your care and breeding of them is first rate in every respect.  

Thanks again,
Dean and Lynda

You will be happy to know that most of these people have provided their contact information for you.  If you would like a  referral or reference please feel free 
to contact one of them. 
Hi Holly,
We took Mackenzie for her first visit to the Vet today and he said she's perfect, but we knew that.
Our Vet is Dr. Kirk Vardeman and he said he used to work with Dr. Ingle.
He checked her out and said he didn't hear any heart murmur at this time and would check again on her next visit in a couple of weeks for her shots, her fecal was negative and he just loved her and told us he has other patients that have Cavaliers and how they are so wonderful (I think we made his day, but then I'm prejudice) not even counting the waiting room admiration she received. 
On the home front, she is just a joy.  Sleeping at night has never been a problem and we have mastered wearing of a collar, now we're working on having a leash attached and not just for chewing on and there's lots more to learn but she's very smart and a complete bundle of joy.
Tomorrow a trip to Atlanta to have a "meet and greet" with little ones (with two legs).
Will keep you posted and send you some pics as she grows.
Cavaliers by Crumley
Hillary Truelove
We specialize in smaller Cavaliers!

All I have to say is "WOW!" Louisie is a pleasure - the perfect puppy. I cannot even imagine life without her now that she is with me all of the time. She is my little shadow - almost like my third foot. She goes EVERYWHERE with me. She is very smart, loves people, is very charming, great around little children. She is playful, but so laid back. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET THIS DOG?!?!?! What a pleasure she is! I cannot thank you enough for this precious little puppy. 

My vet has commented to me every time we go in that Louise is the prettiest Cavalier she has ever seen. She wanted to know all about you and if you participated in dog shows. I told her that I didn't really know how involved you are in showing your Cavaliers and that I think you mostly breed for companions. She called me today to get your phone number as she is in the market for a show Cav. She just can't stop thinking about Louise apparently. 

While I was at the vet, a woman with two Cavaliers who shows her dogs wanted to know all about Louise. She is a breeder somewhere outside of the city. I happened to have her file folder with me with all of her papers in it, and the woman tried to offer me "a deal" for her. HA! She said that she has never seen such a beautiful Cavalier puppy. I very assertively let her know that I had absolutely no intention of ever selling my dog (and even commented that I was a little insulted that she would even have the audacity to ask me). She told me it was "positively sinful" not to show her. I obviously have no intention of ever "showing" Louise, but I thought you might take some pride in knowing that one of your pups has gotten so much attention. In my opinion, she is the perfect puppy (of course, I am a little bit biased). Everywhere we go people stop me to ask me about her. She is quite the show-stopper! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Please keep me updated on your litters and let me know how the "doggie bell" development is going. I hope to make a trip up to you soon to purchase some goodies for Louisie. 

Again, thank you so much for this precious puppy. I am so thankful that I found you. I have attached some photos of Louisie for you. I just adore her. 

- beverly 

Beverly Sherard Garrett
Atlanta, GA 30319
Just wanted to check in and let you know how Millie is doing! She is such an angel, and we've had the best time getting her settled into her new home! We went to the vet on Monday (Dr. Winokur at Pharr Road Animal Hospital in Atlanta). All of her tests were clear/normal (including the fecal tests), and we set her up for the rest of her vaccination appointments. Her training has been amazing and so helpful - everyone, including the vet, is so impressed by her happy demeanor and "manners". She is great on the leash and loves her crate. When she's tired she picks up her favorite toys and takes them to nap with her in her crate - it is really, really cute! She sleeps through the night with no crying or whining, and gives a little bark around 6 or 6:30 am when she needs to do her business. And speaking of doing her business, she's only had one accident in the week she's been home and that was when it was snowing on Sunday and she didn't want to stay outside long enough to do her business. She's pretty much mastered "sit" and we're working on "come" and "stay". I've grown up with cavaliers (Millie is my first, but my parents had 4 over the years while we were growing up), and she has been the most well mannered, happiest and easiest to train. We just adore her! 
Thanks so much for everything, 
P.S. I included 3 photos. She drags her "Cavaliers by Crumley" blanket all around the house and to her crate at nap time, and as you can tell in the pictures it went with us to the vet!

​Katie Shaub
​Dear Holly, 

I want to  thank you so very much for allowing us to visit the puppies this past Friday. Wow! They have changed from little sausages into adorable little puppies. We can hardly wait to bring them home in November! We all want you to know that we think your place is gorgeous, we love your location and your set up is incredible. All Cavalier mamas were so sweet and very happy. You can clearly see they are family loved. The puppy daddies were just as precious! We loved the Bed & Biscuit... what a special place, it kind of reminds me of the fancy horse barns in Kentucky. Last, but not least, we absolutely adore your staff, especially Angelita & Amber. We can't even begin to say enough wonderful things about them. We are so happy we found you; we take great comfort in knowing that we will be getting healthy & happy pups.

Maria Bazan


Hello Holly: 

How time rushes by! I wanted to write and give you an update on our wonderful boys … here is a recent picture:
Both are healthy and happy … Bart is just over 16 pounds and Beau is about 12. We go weekly to “dog school” and both received their Star puppy certification which we filed with the AKC. I like to joke that I helped train “Bart Star” … living in Wisconsin it’s a low quality Packer joke. In any case, they are good leash walkers (we do about 2 miles per day), have learned to sit, and are happy to “do their business” outside in the dog run we have for them.
The boys are “drop dead gorgeous” and we often get stopped when we are on walks or are out in public with people who ask to pet them or wonder what breed they are. On the lake, we have friends whose children make a bee line to our house when they arrive just so they can play with the boys.
They have the run of the house and sleep with us at night. We rarely leave them (I think we are on our 4th time) and, when we do, we always ask someone to look in on them or stay with them. The rooms upstairs in our houses allow the boys to run pretty feely and they love to chase each other around (and around) the four front rooms that connect. We live on a lake and the boys have learned to swim and enjoy whiling away time on our boat (we often just lower the boat in the shore station so we can sit under the canopy and keep everybody cool). They have life jackets and here is a picture of them in their thermal shirts (to make sure they stay cool):
Both are very loving to us and to each other. My sister-in-law has two black labs and our boys are fast friends with them. We’re careful when they are together but Bart loves the biggest lab (a 90 pounder named Gus) and it is great fun to see them curl up together. They have adorable habits and their personalities are quite distinct.
We travel a bit with the boys and they are very adaptable to new surroundings. About every 6 to 8 weeks we visit Kim’s parents who live in a suburb of Chicago. We stay at a suburban hotel and the entire staff fawn over our boys … to the point where they got small sized dog treats to give the boys when they come back from their walks.
We couldn’t be happier and our family seems complete with Bart and Beau. Thanks for raising them and for giving us such a wonderful gift.

Best to you and your family,

Steve, Kim, Bart and Beau Balow
Hi Holly!

I meant to write you earlier this week, but I wanted to update you regarding Bentley. He had his first vet visit on Monday and he is doing so well! Our vet Dr. Wall was very impressed with him and verified that he is a healthy puppy.  
Bentley has been such a good boy! Our ride home from your facility was a long, rainy drive but he did so well and slept most of the way. He has been doing wonderful with his crate, sleeping until about 6:30-7 AM every morning and he has not had one accident in his crate! He seems to love his crate and this has really wowed us. 

He's become quite the little celebrity at our downtown Nashville home, too :) Everyone that meets him ooh's and ah's and falls in love with him. He seems to have that effect! He loves meeting people and is such a friendly, sweet and beautiful puppy. He also loves to play with us and his toys. He is the best cuddle buddy, and has already melted our hearts. We could not be happier with him! We love our little Bentley very much, he really has brought so much joy, love and happiness into our home. 

I've attached some photos for you as well! These are from my iPhone, so probably not the best quality. I have several videos and photos that are on our video recorder that I will send in a separate email in a few days.  

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anthony, Heather & Bentley Brown :)
Hi Holly & Angelita,
I wanted to follow up with you on how our puppy is doing. We decided to name her Chloe and she is doing great. I was nervous, but the flight and drive home went very smoothly despite the long trip. She was happy in her carrier (in the car I had the top open and she just snuggled with her blanket the whole time, despite the 4 hour drive home) and the only noise she made the entire time was once to tell me she needed to use the bathroom. She is very mellow. We went to the vet on Monday and he was really impressed with her health. We did a fecal exam that came back negative for parasites. She is little love bug and loves to cuddle. She is still a little shy at times around our 4 year old on but she is beginning to get more comfortable with her new environment and is always willing to take a nap with me. Crate training and pottying are both going well. She is also doing well on her leash. I will be starting local obedience courses for her in the next couple weeks. Attached is a few pictures of our trip home and 1st days home (she likes the snow, BTW). Thank you for all the information and help you have provided me. Even my vet was impressed with the packet you provided and said all those small details (and the terrific assessment of Chloe) makes it easy for him to trust your facility and quality of dog you produce. 

Julia Caylor

Bella is an absolute joy in our household. She has had no problems sticking with her schedule and thus I have not been responsible for even one accident. We had about 14 people in and out of the house for a football weekend this weekend and Bella held court for her adoring humans.
Amber is precious and was so kind to me and full of helpful and much needed information for us. Our vets obviously love Bella and cooed over her for a day.
Happy Thanksgiving and please know how thankful we are to you and Amber and Angelita and everyone there for adding this beautiful little blessing to our lives.
Nancy and Rick Akin
Hi Holly,
I just wanted to touch base regarding Gracie. She is doing great! So sweet and funny. Her potty training is going great. She has had no accidents in the house for two weeks. She came with us for three days over Thanksgiving to visit my parents two hours north of us in Fleming Island. She traveled perfectly and coped really well with a new environment. She is so beautifully crate trained and we are keeping her on a schedule although her "out" time is much longer, as long as 2-3 hours when we can supervise her. She is named Gracie after Grace Kelly but now she is Gracie Lucille after Lucille Ball. She is the funniest girl. She is sweet like our Audrey (named for Audrey Hepburn) but has her own personality. Anyway we adore her and are so happy to have her. No health issues at all and the ear mites are all clear now. Thank you for everything! I have attached a picture of her tuckered out after a few hours "out" and playing.
Dee Burger
Hi Holly,
We thought you would like to see some photos of the girls!
On the left is Gigi, who you drove to us last August near Tampa and on the right is Callie, another Crumley girl who turned nine May 6th. As you can see, wherever Callie goes, Gigi follows🐶🐶. They're both doing great and are the loves of our lives! Wishing you a happy holidays and a wonderful new year.
Sharon and Alan Lichtenstein

Hi Holly:

Just writing to let you know that the boys got home last night safe. It was great to meet Jake and Nanny Transport is a great service … we can’t imagine an easier way to have gotten the boys!
Thanks for the blankets … they came in handy on the way home and will be with the boys in their crate.
We had an easy night with the boys … they slept calmly in their crate (which is in our bedroom) and woke us around 6AM to go out. They are really getting the hang of doing their business outside and we’ve had a good day starting their training (already walked on a leash, are learning about the lure and we’re working on sit). Right now, they are sharing a chew stick:
Most of all, they are healthy and seem to have adjusted to their new surroundings easily. They are also wonderfully affectionate. All of which I think is largely due to good breeding … so, thanks!
We will keep you apprised of how the boys are doing and hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday.

Best wishes,
Steve, Kim, Bart and Beau Balow
Hello Holly and Angelita,

I want to let you know that Faith did great on the trip home to Woodstock on Saturday and that we absolutely love her! We wanted to let the girls choose the name for their puppy, so for your record keeping I want to inform you that they have chosen the name "Penny". They thought of the phrase "pennies from heaven' and thus the name. They also think it's cool that her dad is Copper and she is Penny!
Penny is doing very well at learning her new environment and I am taking her to our vet tomorrow afternoon. The whole experience with the pickup was fantastic! Angelita, we appreciate all the info you passed on to us and we are trying to follow the routine as best as we can. A few hiccups so far, but we'll get there!
We are extremely pleased that we chose Cavaliers by Crumley and especially pleased that we chose Penny (Faith)! I'll have to admit that I was a little apprehensive just going by a photo online when we chose her, but she turned out to be even better than what I was hoping for! The staff did a great job on Saturday and we just couldn't be happier with our new little girl!
A couple of pics are attached.
Thanks again. We love her!
Don Needham and family  
Hi Holly,

Just wanted to follow up and let you know how Gus is doing in his new home. First, he is *the* sweetest dog ever! We simply adore him! He has already become part of our family and made himself at home. (See attached picture.) He has also charmed everyone who has seen him on his walks to a point where he looks surprised when someone doesn’t coo over him. He didn’t eat much the first day or so, but today he was eating like a champ and, after one accident when he first got home (our fault!), he has been great with house training and walks.
We took him to the vet tonight and they said he was doing great. He had some buildup in his ears that turned out to be a minor yeast infection, they put him on medicine for 2 weeks and we’ll go back for a checkup after the new year. Otherwise, he checked out just fine and weighed in at exactly 8 pounds.  
We all want to thank you (and your team) for such an amazing dog. The training and guidance that Angelita provided has made the transition so much easier for all of us. And she patiently answered questions when we were concerned about his eating. In short, we are simply thrilled.
We hope you have a great holiday!
Hello Holly
Bentley is home in Colorado and doing absolutely fantastic. He did amazingly well on that 3 hour flight home and is adjusting so well. He's got the most amazing personality and fits in so well with our family.
We took him to the vet on Saturday and he was highly impressed with Bentley's preventive care. He had his first vaccine and is scheduled to do the remaining over the next 3 weeks. His fecal came back negative and the vet said he was pleased to hear a healthy heart.
We are currently feeding Fromm's can food mixed with his puppy dry food as he has lost so many teeth. Potty training is going well with his great foundation at your place. We just couldn't be more pleased.
Thank you for the wonderful first puppy buying experience. We just couldn't be any happier. We will keep in touch with pics.
The Steele family
John, Laura, Alex and Ashton
Hi Holly!
Sorry it’s taken me this long to send an update! Our puppy, Flash, is doing great and has been adjusting so well! He went to the vet this week and was all clear on his wellness and fecal exams! He’s been getting along really well with our other cavalier, Oakley. They play and chase each other around the house non stop. He has been sleeping through the night like a champ and has been doing amazing with his potty training! Yesterday we went for our first walk on the leash around the neighborhood and he caught on so fast! We are absolutely in love, thanks for being amazing at what you do :)

Dr Chelsea Axe, DC, CSCS

Dear Angelita,

I’m writing because I’ve been here exactly one month and I thought I should let you know how I’m doing. While I miss you and my dog friends, I’m really liking Washington DC. I have lots of fun with my new family — going on long walks, playing games, practicing my commands, playing in the backyard, and lying on the couch watching football. I especially like the smallest human, Cole. He’s always up for fun, gives me lots of treats, and likes to snuggle with me when he reads. I am disappointed that he never lets me keep the stuffed animals that I steal from his room. They are so soft and cute! I hope one day they will let me sleep with him. I try every night, but they always find me.

Overall, I continue to be the sweetest puppy ever! I’ve had a few accidents in the house, but mostly because my humans aren’t keeping a close enough eye on me when I’ve been out running around for a few hours. I also like to pull on my leash, but that’s just because there are lots of new things to explore here. We are working on both though and I’ll have them trained soon. Oh! I also have a new friend Daisy, a cockapoo puppy, who is walked with me during the week. We like to play together rather than do our business.  

Hope that all is well in Georgia! 

Hi Holly and Angelita,
Just wanted to let you know that Hiro is doing great! He is such a sweetheart and so well behaved. We love him so much! He loves his crate and adjusted so well, even on the first not, not even one cry. He loves sleeping on his back which is so cute and funny to see. He had his vet appointment on Monday and was perfectly healthy, his fecal test results returned negative as well. We registered his microchip, akc number and pet insurance. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. Below are some photos of Hiro in his new home :)
-Purnema & Chris

Maggie went to the vet today and they all fell in love with her and was really impressed with her and where she came from so much they asked to copy Holly's business card. They also loved all the information in Maggie's folder. On her 9 hour drive home she did great in her car seat. We could not of asked for a better puppy. She is adjusting well and getting along with her sister Sammie. Doing great with her potty training. We can't thank Holly, Angelita and all the great staff for taking great care of our baby girl. Wish we could of meet Holly and Angelita but who knows maybe next time. God bless you all.
Very happy family
Bill, Donna, Sammie and Maggie❤️❤️
Afternoon Holly,
I just want to update you on our precious Bella Roze. Our trip home Thursday was uneventful considering we had a 10 week old puppy, 11 year old and 7 year old granddaughter and 2 1/2 + trip. There were no messes and she traveled very well. We had two accidents in the house (wetting only) which did not surprise me being Thursday was very stressful for everyone. Had no problems with her going in her crate that night only a couple whimpers and she was out until my husband woke her yesterday morning @ 6:30. She immediately went to the potty.

Yesterday, Friday, June 24 she had her well check and they attempted to do the fecal test but she was "all pooped out". We will gather a specimen and take back to the vet. I will let you know the results. Our vet detected a small heart murmur but assured us that it was not something to be concerned about just yet. He will recheck her when we take her to be spade in October.  
She did great yesterday even though she got a booster vacation. By mid day she already knew the door to come back in after being outside and by last night she went to the door to go out. Now I don't know if she likes just going in and out ... but we can't ignore her lead! She is very loving and does not like to be alone. She isn't skittish and is very playful. We had one accident (wetting only) but we got busy and ignored her whimper to go out. She whimpered last night a little more than Thursday night when we put her in her crate. But when I came to bed and turned the TV on she went right to sleep. Just doesn't want to alone! She seems to be very comfortable and has adjusted extremely well just in the two days we have had her.

Today, Saturday, June 25 my husband woke about 6:30 she started to whimper right away and he said the moment her feet hit the grass she had relieved herself (wetting & poop). She loves being outdoors and running back to the house to be let in.  
We love her so much and our granddaughters don't want to leave her. Our 7 year old started crying last night because she started to think about having to leave her!

Holly I will send pictures later. Everything Angelita said about her has been true. She is smart and loving. We so enjoyed with working Angelita. You guys mad this process so easy.

Carl, Patt and Bella Roze Courtney

Holly & Angelita, I wanted to send you an update on our Bella Roze and our amazing 6 months with this blessing. She has been so much fun. Training her hasn't been all that difficult either. She is so smart, learns really fast and I swear she understands everything you tell her. She has settled into our home and schedule without any issues. She has such a loving disposition. Everyone just loves her. She loves being outdoors chasing and fetching Frisbee and ball. 

We went to the walking trail about two months ago and ran into a lady that had bought a dog from you eight years ago. We couldn't stop talking about our great dogs we had and how much we loved them. 

She continues to sleeps in her crate. When we go to bed at night she plays on the bed with my husband but when I come to the bedroom she gets in her crate by herself. We generally go to bed about 9-10 pm and she doesn't make a peep in the morning. Most of the time we have to get her up around 9 am. She sleeps all night with no issues at all. If you tell her to go potty she does go on command. 

Bella Roze has really brought us alot a joy and it has been so much fun to have in our lives and my granddaughters. The youngest always cries when she has leave.

Holly and Angelita your dogs, personnel and facilities' are top notch. You have been there and been responsive when we needed advise. I am so thankful that we found Crumley's! I'm including some pictures of Bella Roze. She has lost her little pink nose markings. I guess she is a 'big dog' now.  

Merry Christmas and Have a Very Prosperous New Year.....

Holly and Angelita, 

Just wanted to give an update on Sadie Mae (Crumley’s Isle of Sadie Mae) and Squire (Crumley’s Crimson Squire). Sadie Mae has been a blessing. She was definitely the cure to Squire’s loneliness and separation anxiety. He loves his “sis”. They play great together. We had no trouble with Sadie potty training. She is very well behaved. She is a precious little girl. They recently attended classes and earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates. We took them on Vacation to Savannah with us last month and they did great! Savannah was a very dog friendly town. I have attached a few recent photos. Thanks for 2 wonderful Cavalier’s. 


Linda & Bob Williams

Winchester, TN

Hello Holly,
I am copying Sara and Angelita so they can see how Rascal is doing.
He is a wonderful puppy! Content and happy. We love him dearly. He loves sleeping on Bob’s chest when Bob is “watching” TV as you will see in one of the photos. When Bob isn’t available he snuggles in close to me for his nap. He dreams a lot and sometimes even has a very quite and cute snore.
He has been loosing teeth like crazy. I’ve found 2 canines, 2 premolars and a molar. One puppy canine is really stuck with the adult right next to it in the same hole. Vet checked it and she will be taking it out if it doesn’t fall out by next Thursday so the adult tooth isn’t damaged. All other remaining puppy teeth are loose and adults growing in well. He loves chewing on ice cubes which I started giving him when he started loosing his teeth. He begs under the ice dispenser on the refrigerator door when he wants a cube. I’ve also wet and frozen a white face cloth and let him chew on it and tug war with it to help loosen his puppy teeth. 
He enjoys his bath time. I bathe him every couple or three weeks. He had a bath in his booster bath on the back porch today. He was a really good boy about it and loves rolling in and rubbing himself on the bath sheet we put down for him.
Wednesday he was 10 lbs 6 oz. Rib cage measures 15.5” as does his length – neck to base of tail. Height at withers is about 12”. Rascal is so athletic it is scary. We had our 2 Pic-Nic brand folding chairs on the back deck right next to each other and next to our grooming table.....he jumped on the first chair over the arms to the second and up onto the grooming table in one continuous motion. I ran over and grabbed him before he jumped off. He doesn't seem to understand he is a little tyke. When hunting beetles he will sometimes go straight up into the air all 4 feet together like a spring buck or gazelle. He seems to think beetles are a delicacy.... I work at discouraging that. He definitely has spaniel in him....he is a bird dog, butterfly dog and as I mentioned beetle dog. He got a June Bug one day .... the big beetle wiggled in his mouth and dropped it pretty quickly. It didn’t even fit into his mouth it was so big. I think the size surprised him. He really makes me smile a lot. He really is part gazelle. He hops on and off the ottoman and sofa effortlessly. He has leaped up on our bed as if it was nothing twice in the last week or so which scares me to bits because it is 28” high. I am discouraging it and don’t allow him in the bedroom at all unattended but it is hard when he gets it into his head. He loves going for walks and moves out ahead at a very brisk pace. He has meet a couple of dogs in the neighborhood and looks for them when we walk. I am investigating training classes looking for the right one.
We have had him to the local village Farmer’s Market a few times. He is a big hit with everyone especially the kids whom he adores. We have had him with us twice to have dinner at our Golf Club House restaurant that has outside seating and he has been a real hit with the waitresses. I take his mat, a chew toy and water bowl and he does great. He met Monica Berry’s Magz a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to make friends but her nose was a bit out of joint about him. Magz greeted me with enthusiasm when we first got there as she usually does. She hadn’t seen Rascal who was already in Monica’s arms and when she saw Monica put him down and he wanted to say hello, she just kept turning away as if he didn’t exist. It was really quite funny. I think they will be good friends after she meets him away from “her” place. 
Some photos we took are attached.
I hope Spice is doing well. I was surprised that Rascal didn’t seem to miss her at all. He never looked for her or skipped a beat in any way.
Hope all is well with everyone at your place.

Ginnie Santoli
k here to add text.
Jo Jo is settling right in. She does whine occasionall (CoCo never has whined) but it only lasts for a minute. She is more dependent than CoCo. CoCo wants to play and she is a little shy of her high energy level but each day she shows a little more confidence. She actually chased her a little yesterday-I think more to make her go away. When CoCo is calm she sniffs hers and lays beside her to chew her chew toys.
She is great on the leash and when we go out to potty she doesn't waste any time. She likes her evening walk on the short grass on the golf course and is eating well.
We got a clean bill of health and the vet was so impressed that you brought her from Ireland she had all kinds of questions about your operation, copied your card and said it is wonderful to hear of a breeder who is doing it the right way for the best for the puppies.
I cannot tell you how happy we are with our two new family members. Their personalities are so different and each is so loving.
Sara-I am working with Coco on the leash walking without pulling. She has moments of perfection followed by moments of wanting to go fast and pull but we are making progress!
Lois and Glenn
Hi Crumley Family!

Just a year ago today, Brogan (previously Finn) was being born in Ireland! Now he's weighing in around 16/17lbs now and his feathers are coming in more and more everyday!

I know you've seen him a few times since because I won't board him anywhere else, but I just wanted to send by an update to say thank you! I wouldn't consider a cavalier from anyone else. I may be biased, but I really think he is the cutest puppy you've ever made. He's a real charmer - people constantly stop in their tracks to say hello on our daily walks. And he's a grade-A snuggler. :)


I know i sent this picture before, but I wanted to write a testimonial.
As seniors we didnt want to raise another infant pup. Then we heard about Cavaliers by Crumley and your advance puppy program.
We contacted you and put a deposit on a Tri color we named Molly. We could not be happier with her. The day after bringing her home we took her to our vet who said “ looks like a perfect pup to me”. The price of an office visit and that was the only expense for now. All puppy shots, spaying and things usually needed to be done the first few months with a new puppy were cared for. 
Molly knew how to walk on a leash, potty trained, knew to sit and come when told—our trainer, Sarah, is great!

But, here is the best part of our story. Our neighbor lost their beloved Cavalier about a month ago. As seniors they really didnt want the infant puppy care either. After hearing our story and seeing Molly, they stopped at Crumley’s while traveling for Christmas. (just to look)
As you see they came home with two precious Crumley fur babies.
Thank you for caring for these little living creatures and the bundle of love and joy you offer to us the new Moms and Dads.
Thank you again,
Dottie Russ
Titusville, Fl
Good Morning Hillary,

I just wanted to follow up with you on Milton's progress. I picked up Milton (formally Henley) last Friday - March 1st. He had his first vet visit on Wednesday of this week. I took him to Lance AH. Not sure of the vet's name, but she was awesome. As was the tech who assisted. The whole experience was good. It's a bit of a drive from Buford but I will continue to take Milt there. We have another appointment in three weeks for his booster and Rabies vaccine. He got a clean bill of health and the feces samples were sent off to the lab. I believe she said they would send a copy of the results to you. As for the little fella himself, he is AWESOME!!!! My wife and son are "over the moon" with how developed he is at his age. No accidents on the floor, yet.... I'm sure it's coming. Sleeping in the pen all night with us. Plays well, eats well, loves well. I have to keep reminding them he is only a puppy. I'm not sure I can express in words how grateful I am. Milton has brought a whole new vibe to our house and we love it. I would like to personally thank you and the entire CBC team. I will rant and rave about you guys for a long time to anybody who will listen. 

Thank you very much, again. Have a wonderful day and please don't hesitate to contact me should you need anything further from me.

Keith Garanyi 

Dear Hillary and Holly,

This is the story of Molly, Charlie and Peaches.

First came Molly, born June 5, 2018. We wanted a Tri-color Cavalier, but being retired we didn't feel we wanted to go through all the training of a new pup. First we thought of finding a dog that was no longer going to be used for breeding and get an older one that way. I called several breeders, but it seemed the list was long filled with names of those looking for the same thing. Then a breeder in Palm Bay, Fl told me about a breeder in Geogia that does thing a little differently and she highly recommended them. That is how we heard about Crumley Cavaliers in Georgia.

 They have the unique option of buying an older, partially trained puppy who already has been neutered or spay and all shots needed for age plus spending time with a professional trainer. So, we contacted Crumley's and found this precious six month old tri-color puppy. It was an eight hour drive for us (and 8 hours back) but well worth it to get our Molly.

We had only been back a few weeks from picking up Molly when our across the street neighbor lost their precious blenheim, Sweet Pea. She went peacefully, in her sleep, but what a shock it was to her mom and dad. At first they swore no more dogs, the pain is too deep. Also being retired they had our same concern of were they prepared for all the work that goes into a new pup. But, after meeting Molly and hearing her story they decided to stop in Georgia while on their Christmas trip "just to look."

Oh, you guessed it! Their "looking" brought two Cavaliers home with them. Charlie born June 6, 2018 was the ruby and they kept his name. But wasn't sure what to call the blenheim. A friend said well, she is as sweet as a peach and she is from Georgia how about Peaches. So Peaches it was. Peaches was a few months older.
I have attached a picture of the first day we introduced Molly to Charlie and Peaches.

Now, here comes the fun part. Molly and Charlie were born one day apart. So we had a double doggy first birthday party. Neighbors, friends and their dogs were invited.
Amazingly enough all the dogs had so much fun with each other. They ran around, no one was aggressive or naughty in any way. We had doggy ice cream cups which were lapped up quickly. Of course some doggy treats were on the menu as well.

Attached you will find pictures of our human cakes with a topper for Charlie and one for Molly. I found the toppers on Etsy.

Lastly is a picture of Charlie's "dad" holding him and birthday girl Molly.

Thank you, Holly and Hillary your puppies are the best. You are a blessing to all who are lucky enough to adopt a Crumley Cavalier.

Dan & Dottie Russ
Wes & Marth Hyde.
Titusville, FL 
Dear Holly, Hillary and Sara,

We are so amazed how our little dog has made the transition to our family so easily. He is sleeping through the night and has no potty accidents. His temperament is amazing and all my friends are in love with him.

You were all so patient with our 101 questions and attentive each time we visited our older advanced puppy. Sara, you have trained him to be a fine gentleman. He sits beautifully to meet newcomers and is very attentive to commands. We had him to the vet today and vet says his health is excellent. In short he is perfect.

We are so glad that we decided to purchase from Cavaliers by Crumley. Wonderful experience and wonderful pup.

Thank you,
Susan Fitzpatrick