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Trained Puppies are $2,500 Watch the web site email me anytime.
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A trained puppy is at least 10 weeks, has been socialized with people and other dogs. Let me explain what training consist of...... First they will walk on a leash.
We take them outside to a special area to potty and walk them back to the nursery on a leash. 
We take them out several times a day for potty and play time to help strengthen structural development and good habits. They will have an introduction to basic obedience for a smoother transition when training begins at home. 
All of our trained puppies are crated in a puppy play pen. They are crated 2 to a pen for the duration of their stay. Keeping your puppy clean sets up your puppy for success and these play pens ensure your puppy stays clean even in the event your puppy has an accident. 
So what exactly is a "Trained Puppy??
All the puppies you see on my site have a go home trained date , if you are interested in a trained puppy
Look below at an explanation of what a trained puppy is