Cavaliers by Crumley
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Hillary Truelove

When life is dark and times are not so good.....     A puppy is a nice distraction! 
~ According to a precious friend of mine
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Kendra bred to DJ
​Born 5/27/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 8/3/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 8/31/19

Honey bred to Wally
​Born 5/27/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 8/12/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 8/31/19

Hammy (M)
Tessa bred to Clark
​Born 5/24/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 8/3/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 8/31/19

Kory (M)
Terry (M)
Trey (M)
Claire bred to Ace
​Born 5/31/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 8/16/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 9/7/19

Charlie (M)
Eleanor Rigby bred to Ranger
​Born 7/8/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 9/21/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 10/12/19

Elaina (F)
Ellie (F)
Clementine bred to Fallon
​Born 6/9/19
Ready as Trained Puppies 8/24/19
Ready as Advanced Puppies 9/21/19

Caitlen (F)
Camile (F)
Candy (F)
Cole (M)