Your puppy is escorted by a Professional Pet Courier 

 and hand delivered to you. All of our puppies are delivered in person and never shipped.


Your puppy goes with the courier in the cabin not underneath with cargo..... 

We have 2 different transport options! 

1. Pet Nanny - This option consists of a flight attendant that will travel with your puppy to an airport near you. You must be flexible to use this option as the flights are not always guaranteed! This option is $600-$800 and includes an airline approved carrier.  ***If you are not flexible, this is not the option for you! 

2. Private Transport - This option consists of a private transporter that will travel with your puppy to an airport or location near you. The flight will be booked and confirmed so this is a guarantee (airline permitting). The base cost is $800+ and will depend on the cost of the flight. Driving transports are available for the surrounding states!

Please fill out the nanny transport request form to get a quote! 

 We have a brand new luxury touring van specifically used for delivering puppies to their new homes. This van is only used to transport our puppies.

Van Side.jpeg
Van Back.jpeg