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We love our clients! Hear directly from them about their furry family members! 

Hi everybody – it is me, Riley.  I have been here in NJ for a little over one week and I am OH SO LOVED!  My Mom gives me hugs and kisses all the time.  I have lots of friends.  My Mom has a daughter who has a black lab puppy.  We are the same age but he weighs 65 pounds and he likes to kiss my face.  I like to jump on him and when he has had enough he lays on me – YIKES!!​


So, I have been told that I am really smart.  My Mom has another dog called Bailey.  She is 7 and she is like me only ruby colored.  Guess what – SHE LIKES ME!!  The only time she doesn’t is when I try to eat out of her bowl.  She doesn’t like to share.


I have learned a couple of things that my Mom is not really excited about.  For instance, I am like a slinky and I can jump on the coffee table when no one is looking.  From the coffee table, I can jump about a foot or so onto the couch.  It is soooo much fun – well at least to me.  My Mom is working on correcting this behavior but I do see her laugh so I think all is good.


I love going on walks but I do not like the trucks that drive by.  I love the sunshine but I do not like the rain very much.  It makes me cold but when I get in the house, my Mom takes a towel out of the dryer, wraps me in it and then I am sooo happy.


We also have this thing called a pond in the backyard.  It has a waterfall that I love to climb on.  My Mom says I am very fast – (ha ha ha).  They also have fish in there and they don’t like me looking at them.  When they swim to the bottom, I try to go with them.  This is the only time that my Mom yells.  I don’t like when that happens but I seem to really like to do this.  Mom says that maybe Sara could give her some pointers on working through this one.


Oh and guess what.  I am really good about not going potty in the house.  I did so just once and my Mom said “Oh Maureen this is your fault”.  Can you believe that I didn’t even get in trouble!!


Well I just wanted you all to know that I miss you very much but I am happy here.  You picked a good Mom for me to come home to.  I will write again soon and send some pictures.


Love Riley



Welles is the BEST thing that has happened to us in a long time!!! He is so sweet, smart, well mannered, funny and loving! Best money that we have spent in a long time! 


Brandon feels exactly the same way about Prince! Prince is a Houston "Uptown City" dog and loves high-rise living! The attention that he receives daily is astounding and he love it! 


My Mother may be interested in a Cavalier as her Cavalier friend passed away two years ago. She is absolutely in love with both of our dogs!

Thank you,

Beth Roye


Hi Hillary! I just wanted to say thank you so much!!! I picked up Moose May 26th from y'all and he is doing amazing. He has potty trained so well, eating his food and NuVet vitamin well, and has done well with his vaccinations. The vet says he is doing great. I am so impressed and obsessed with Moose. I have not passed anyone when we go on our walks that doesn't stop and say how cute he is and ask where I got him. I have raved about Cavaliers by Crumley to so many people. He is such a people lover...he doesn't meet a person that he doesn't run up to and love!! I appreciate you guys so much!!! I have attached a few pictures of Moose.


Much love to y'alls whole team, 

Stephanie Sorrell


Dear Hillary and Holly,


This is the story of Molly, Charlie and Peaches.


First came Molly, born June 5, 2018. We wanted a Tri-color Cavalier, but being retired we didn't feel we wanted to go through all the training of a new pup. First we thought of finding a dog that was no longer going to be used for breeding and get an older one that way. I called several breeders, but it seemed the list was long filled with names of those looking for the same thing. Then a breeder in Palm Bay, Fl told me about a breeder in Geogia that does thing a little differently and she highly recommended them. That is how we heard about Crumley Cavaliers in Georgia.


 They have the unique option of buying an older, partially trained puppy who already has been neutered or spay and all shots needed for age plus spending time with a professional trainer. So, we contacted Crumley's and found this precious six month old tri-color puppy. It was an eight hour drive for us (and 8 hours back) but well worth it to get our Molly.


We had only been back a few weeks from picking up Molly when our across the street neighbor lost their precious blenheim, Sweet Pea. She went peacefully, in her sleep, but what a shock it was to her mom and dad. At first they swore no more dogs, the pain is too deep. Also being retired they had our same concern of were they prepared for all the work that goes into a new pup. But, after meeting Molly and hearing her story they decided to stop in Georgia while on their Christmas trip "just to look."


Oh, you guessed it! Their "looking" brought two Cavaliers home with them. Charlie born June 6, 2018 was the ruby and they kept his name. But wasn't sure what to call the blenheim. A friend said well, she is as sweet as a peach and she is from Georgia how about Peaches. So Peaches it was. Peaches was a few months older.

I have attached a picture of the first day we introduced Molly to Charlie and Peaches.


Now, here comes the fun part. Molly and Charlie were born one day apart. So we had a double doggy first birthday party. Neighbors, friends and their dogs were invited.

Amazingly enough all the dogs had so much fun with each other. They ran around, no one was aggressive or naughty in any way. We had doggy ice cream cups which were lapped up quickly. Of course some doggy treats were on the menu as well.


Thank you, Holly and Hillary your puppies are the best. You are a blessing to all who are lucky enough to adopt a Crumley Cavalier.


Dan & Dottie Russ

Wes & Marth Hyde.

Titusville, FL 

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